Imperative of Frugal Innovations for Emerging Markets and Beyond

A Report on the Schmalenbach-TUHH Symposium

 By: Dr. Rajnish Tiwari

A group photo of symposium participants / photo: TIM-TUHH/Göldner

On the 9th and 10th October 2014 a well-received symposium on the topic of frugal innovation was held at the premises of Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The symposium, carrying the title “Frugal Innovation” und die Internationalisierung der FuE: Hintergründe, Strategien, Fallstudien (English title: “Frugal Innovation and the Internationalization of R&D: Backgrounds, Strategies and Case Studies”) was organized by the Working Group on Innovation Management of the Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft für Betriebswirtschaft e.V. (hereafter SG) in collaboration with the Center for Frugal Innovation (hereafter CFI) of TUHH. The symposium with close to 45 participants from the industry and academia was well-attended and saw some very interesting contributions by invited speakers. The insights generated here through a unique setting of business/academia interaction can potentially push the envelope of research and help expand the currently limited understanding of frugal innovations.

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New paper: “Global Innovation Strategies of German Hidden Champions in Key Emerging Markets”

Working_Paper_85A new paper by Stephan Buse and Rajnish Tiwari of the Center for Frugal Innovation at the Hamburg University of Technology that examines product and market cultivation strategies employed by German mid-sized firms (“Mittelstand”) in the BRIC nations, especially China and India. The paper was preseneted at the XXV ISPIM Conference – Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society, Dublin, Ireland on 8-11 June 2014.

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Vortragsfolien zum Symposium “Hidden Champions” (IWH 2013)

India Week Hamburg 2013Jetzt haben wir die Vortragsfolien zum Symposium “Indien als Herausforderung für ‘Hidden Champions’: Erfolgsfaktoren der Marktbearbeitung für deutsche Mittelständler” (10. Sept. 2013, Handelskammer Hamburg) online zur Verfügung gestellt. Das Symposium fand im Rahmen der India Week Hamburg 2013 statt und wurde vom Institut für Technologie- und Innovationsmanagement der TU Hamburg-Harburg, dem German-Indian Round Table Hamburg, und der Handelskammer Hamburg gemeinsam organisiert.

Bei Rückfragen oder Anmerkungen wenden Sie sich bitte an Dr. Stephan Buse oder Dr. Rajnish Tiwari.