Invitation to join online workshop: “Lifelong learning in the age of digital transformation”

TIM-TUHH invites all interested persons to an online workshop on Friday 15 Oct. 2021 (11:00 – 12:30 hours CEST) on the theme of “Lifelong learning in the age of digital transformation: Chances and challenges for institutions of higher education”. The workshop is a part of the Erasmus Days 2021. A direct registration link is here.

This online session which will be moderated by Dr. Rajnish Tiwari from Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) is concerned with the disruptive opportunities and challenges that digital transformation brings to higher education institutions. Based on insights generated in the VISION project, funded by the European Union, we will share our results and discuss with the invited speakers and participants the following issues:

  1. How can institutions of higher education turn disruptive challenges into promising opportunities?
  2. How can the requisite competencies for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (CIE) be imparted to those that need it the most efficiently and effectively?
  3. How can we use the approach of frugal innovation (“affordable green excellence”) to enable lifelong learning and mitigate the global societal challenges by ensuring social inclusion?

In addition to the presentation of project results by Dr. Rajnish Tiwari, the workshop will be enriched by sharing of insights and experiences by the following three invited speakers representing different contexts:

Dr. Aravind Chinchure: Aravind Chinchure is a renowned innovation and strategy leader from India with experience spanning 25 years in R&D, innovation, business growth, entrepreneurship, start-up investments, M&A, intellectual property, consulting and education.

Aravind Chinchure

He is founder and CEO of QLEAP Academy which has been established in partnership with Indian and global universities to create 21st-century professionals and leaders. The Academy offers various executive courses to build skills, competencies, and leadership in the areas of creativity, innovation, industry 4.0, entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship by outcome driven experiential learning. Aravind is also a part of the VISION project community, where he has acted as a “key influencer”.

According to Aravind, “Changes caused by digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are radically faster than anything experienced yet. I will share my insights on how to convert this challenge into an opportunity for higher educational institutions in creating new-age talent empowered with 21st-century skills.

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Müller: Hendrik Müller is Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Applied Sciences Hochschule Fresenius (HSF).

Hendrik Müller

For the department onlineplus he serves as Vice Dean for Studies and Teaching and Academic Director of the Examination and Seminar Centre Hamburg. After his studies in Oxford and a doctorate in Classical Philology and History, he gained extensive professional experience in both academia and business in Germany and the UK.

The department onlineplus at HSF has recently launched an innovative teaching format, called the “mixed mode”, which Hendrik will introduce to the audience. This format puts the learner at the centre by allowing students to engage in individual and flexible alifelong learning, depending on their learning preferences, time commitments or life situation. The study programme thus adapts to the student’s life and not vice versa.

Luise M. Degen: Luise Degen is a doctoral candidate and research associate at the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

Luise M. Degen

She is also part of the development team for the TIM Master’s programme GTIME ( At the institute, Luise supports lectures/seminars and helps to introduce new learning approaches into these courses. For her Master’s thesis, she developed a conceptual approach for a Berlin-based creative consultancy to integrate blended learning concepts into their offers. Thus, she experienced both the educational view and the practical view on new learning approaches. She will thus share perspectives that include views from students, teaching assistants and edtech companies.

Those interested in joining the online session are welcome to so so. Please register yourself using this registration link.

Full project name: “Envisioning the Future of teaching and coaching for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship” (ERASMUS+ project, grant number: 612537-EPP-1-2019-1-SI-EPPKA2-KA). The announcement at the VISION project site can be reached here. Also see an announcement by the EMUNI University, Piran (Slovenia).

Photo credits: respective persons.