“Is simple beautiful?” – The 8th Forum of Claussen Simon Foundation in Hamburg dedicated to discuss relevance of frugal innovation

Interested persons and firm representatives are cordially invited to the 8th forum of Claussen Simon Foundation, to be held on 5th June 2015 in Hamburg. The forum intends to critically analyze and discuss the socio-economic relevance of frugal innovations in Europe in the years to come. A special focus of the forum lies on the opportunities and eventual risks involved with frugal innovations which are, in principle, characterized by affordable excellence. They are targeted at increasing the effectiveness and resource efficiency in application and can be used not only to serve price-sensitive customers in B2C and B2B areas but also to contribute to the socio-environmental welfare.

cropped-CFI_Signet_E_CMYK_print1.jpgThe forum will be inaugurated by Mr. Christian Graf (Head of the business division on Legal Affairs at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce) and Mr. Peter Kleinschmidt (Board Member of Claussen Simon Foundation). A central point of the forum will be a talk of Prof. Cornelius Herstatt, Director of the Center for Frugal Innovation and Head of the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The talk will be followed by a panel discussion with Prof. Herstatt, Mr. Michael von Forstner( Head of Central Product and Innovation Management at Jungheinrich AG), Prof. Dr. Christoph Niehus (Executive Manager of Claussen Simon Foundation) and Dr. Rajnish Tiwari (Co-founder of Center for Frugal Innovation). The panel discussion will be moderated by Mr. Christian Graf.

The festive event will be musically accompanied by the duo of Christine Beimel & Johann Jacob Nissen.

The event is in German language. Participation is free of cost but requires registration. All information regarding program and registration may be found at: