“India can show the way on health”

Teaser to an article in The Economist (21 Nov. 2012): “Innovative thinking can bring health care to the uninsured billions, argues Devi Shetty, founder and chairman, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals”.

Shetty proposes a vision that dissociates health care from affluence and writes:

“[…] India becoming a rich country will not [automatically] translate into affordable health care for everyone—which means that we have to change the way health care is delivered.

India can make this happen very quickly because we produce the largest number of doctors, nurses and medical technicians in the world. Outside the United States, we have the largest number of US Food and Drug Administration-approved drug-manufacturing units. We have everything going for a phenomenal delivery of health care. The missing link is that our citizens do not have money to pay for it. Once this is addressed by government-sponsored micro-health-insurance schemes, we will become the first country in the world to dissociate health care from affluence.”

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