Dr. Gerrit Anton de Waal

(Photo: de Waal)

Dr. Gerrit Anton de Waal is a senior lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the College of Business at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He obtained his PhD in Innovation Management in 2011 at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Gerrit is the founding member and director of the Australasian Frugal Innovation Network (AFIN) of which the aim is to provide leadership and expertise in frugal innovation research, teaching and practice.

As a full member of TUHH’s Center for Frugal Innovation (CFI) Gerrit has collaborated with his German counterparts since 2016 on a number of research projects to address frugal innovation and related issues in Australia. As part of the team Gerrit is supervising several doctoral students in the field of frugal innovation, as well as providing consultation to industry.

E-mail: gerritadewaal@gmail.com

Telephone: +61 468 396793